The new campaign of Morizon.pl – a concept the industry has never seen before

Morizon.pl is a platform that integrates real estate search website from a mobile application. It introduces a new approach to image communication, unprecedented in the real estate industry.


The new image-code graphics of Morizon.pl was created based on illustrations of the city presented from an isometric perspective. It combines a variety of shapes and colors of buildings, and also arranges objects in space. This way it underlines the most important advantages of the brand, ie. a massive number of offers for sale and rental, as well as the convenience of searching, intuitive user interface and clear presentation.

Graphics solution straight from the world of economic or managerial gaming is an accurate reflection of the role of search engines in the process of real estate trading. It does not focus attention on the properties alone (these can be found in many places), but emphasizes the advantages of the tools and customer's superior position - who, like in the game, has at his or her disposal the whole virtual cities, but this time with real offers only.

An important advantage for Morizon.pl is its universal concept and practically infinite possibilities for its transformation without losing the freshness of reception. Limited only by the imagination of developers - who knows what the objects will move to the visual universe, which is now only beginning its existence. It’s similar with the possibility of adaptation to different media and carriers - this solution works in both static printed forms, as well as in the animated ones, that in the future may move to digital of TV channels.


Another important element of communication is suggestive use of ambiguous expressions, deeply embedded in popular culture. The wording commonly associated with movies, books, and even opera, such as "House of the backwater," "The Haunted Manor", "The Mariensztat Apt." or "Rear Window", led to the creation of a crosstalk fun in the context of real estate industry slang. They made it possible to highlight the diversity of the offer, and thanks to their originality and popularity they will also highlight Morizon.pl supporting the building of engagement in social media.


Why is the creative solution so distinguishable for the brand of Morizon.pl when compared against the real estate industry?

Morizon.pl is a highly modern tool for all those who want to buy or sell property. We wanted not to reproduce stereotypical ways of image building – says Sławomir Topczewski, Vice President Morizon SA. – In the real estate industry, quite conservative when it comes to marketing communications, our creative solution is quite an innovative proposal.


The effects of the work on a new public image of Morizon.pl, developed together with the agency CAM Media Creative Works, which prepared the creation, can be already seen ini the streets of Warsaw.

Megabillbords - the largest form of advertising employed to promote the service - hung on the walls of buildings in the busiest sections of the capital. Further places where thousands of pedestrians come into contact with the creations on Morizon.pl, include the most frequented underpasses in the city center and the Central Station. Complementing the outdoor campaign Morizon.pl are advertising on buses of the Warsaw public transport system.

The selection of media and exposure was the task of Synergic.

On parallel basis to the outdoor advertising campaign, Morizon.pl is also promoted by an extensive campaign on Facebook and on the largest horizontal portals in Poland, including WP and Onet.


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